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Green laser 50mw is always a very useful tool for bird driving

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Posted on: 12/07/15

Green laser 50mw is always a very useful tool for bird driving


Green 1mW Laser Pointer pen is a very popular laser targeting which is widely applied for a wide variety of working fields. Although it is extremely dangerous for users once it is pointed on aircraft at night, however, it is still very applicable for presentation in special working fields. A low powered Class IIIa green laser pointer is always making great work by workers in airport for bird driving. Usually a low powered 5mW green laser pointer is enough to get ideal result.

There are a wide selection of visible lasers, however, only Green laser 50mw is always a very useful tool for bird driving. 532nm laser wavelength stands the middle part of visible laser spectrums, which gets the most sensitive color green laser light to human eyes. Although users are making selection of low power green laser, however, it is always efficient enough to get the most visible and the brightest green laser beam to human eyes.

green laser pointer drives birds

Comparing with other visible lasers, 532nm green laser pointer gets the special laser beam transverse mode of TEM00. It gets the most sensitive color light to human eyes. On basis of this special laser specification, it always generates a high brightness green laser beam. Once exact working distance extends, green laser beam diameter becomes larger. As a result, when it is pointed into sky, it just forms into a Laser Pointer Blue 30000mw beam with certain diameter. When green laser beam is pointed onto the body of birds, a green laser pointer seems like a highly visible laser weapon, thus getting perfect result of bird driving. It is just a super nice bird driving system widely used in all airports efficiently.

On November 24 2015, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) called for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to “establish new regulations that would prevent individuals from obtaining green lasers for non-professional use.” This would include Class IIIa, IIIb and IV lasers, meaning any green laser with an output 1 milliwatt or more.

Administration (FDA) to ban the sale of high-powered, long-range laser pointer Mini 5mW Red to the public. Schumer’s push comes on the heels of multiple incidents in which green lasers were pointed at aircraft and temporarily blinded and disoriented pilots mid-flight. This includes the recent incident two weeks ago when the pilot of a FedEx plane flying over Jamestown reported a green beam of light coming from a laser on the ground lighting up the aircraft. Schumer said that while it is lucky no one was harmed in the Jamestown incident or any other green laser attack, the federal government should act before a horrific event occurs, not after.

Laser Pointer Blue 30000mw

Simply put: these green, long-range, high-powered laser pointers are a danger to our pilots and the hundreds of passengers whose lives depend on their eyesight and training. While we are very lucky the recent incident in Jamestown did not yield devastating results, we cannot sit idly by and wait for a horrific incident to occur before we act,” said Schumer.



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